I want to have a ‘kiki’ with this video


If I had two kids, and one of my kids was this video, I would love it more then the other one, no matter what he or she did or said. 

Why do I love this video you might ask? I’m going to tell you, in no particular order why I do.

1) 1:12 the man crossing that street got a pout that would make Llamma del Rey run right back to her doc and get some more lips all up in her face.

2) Penis maypole.

3) Montage is awesome.  Eisenstein’s montages make my heart sing daily. I think through my love of him I’ve come to adore videos  where film makers yoke together disparate images and allow the viewer to create their own narrative. (particularly ones made out of found images, its like creating video art out of garbage)

I think I love it so as I often hunger for a world defined by causality and temporality, and montage exposes and reminds me how I like to read order into the chaos of existence. (is that a bad thing? i’m not sure) I think that’s how montage works, it plays upon our innate desire for reason, for a cause and effect world, it makes our brains do the work and create the links. Yet montage does not do so kindly, it subverts our expectations by only aping the format. Using us as a conduit montage creates new visual lexicons and impulses through it chaotic, sporadic, and non-traditional formatting.

This is because montage pieces allows for personal acts of creation by inviting the viewer to constantly create links between the images and not only decode the directors intentions but impose their own upon the piece. Montage pieces are stories where plot and directorship are not always present. I often think montage is its own master, so when you find a particularly awesome one, it’s some sort of sensual synergy between art, author and experience. 

But this montage is just fierce, it’s like some fabulous tranny musical decoupage.

4) wigs are like hats, but better

5) It features showgirls heavily. And show girls is the home of many of my favorite cinematic moment. (though clearly the crowning one is 25 seconds in when she tots goes mental on the fries)



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