TED makes me happy i’m a human

SO often I consider how awesome it must be to be a duck.

Looks like a feather battleship

And let us not forget they are always rocking out with the freshest kicks.

Jimmy Choo eat your heart out


And some of them look like DINOSAURs

Can’t you just imagine this trying to eat you.

But the problem is, duck’s don’t have the internet so they can’t watch EITHER of these awesome TED video’s which make me so happy to be human.

(granted i still am toats jealous that ducks can fly, waddle and swim. Like they can travel in Style.)

Seriously if book’s are on the outs, I’m glad this woman is one of the creatives behind the rebirth of the digital ebook. What a sensational Idea! I love books which play with the form of literature, which is why HOUSE OF LEAVES and RAW SHARK TEXTS and CITY OF DREAMING BOOKS, are some of my favorite pieces of fiction, but this sort of interactive children’s focused literature material is just BONUS.

She inspires me to move more gracefully.




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