CHOCOLATE: not just for post break up woes.

Don’t panic people ate the chocolate.

Growing up on chic flic’s and sex and the city, I still believe that chocolates only purpose is to make you feel better after someone stops wanting to have sex with you. Chocolate and red wine really.

But it turns out chocolate can be used to create enthralling geometric art patterns. HOW did they do this? I have no idea. But I do know that next time I get rejected, instead of slipping into a bubble bath with a goblet of merlot, a sound track by Mariah Carey, and enough chocolate to overdose on, there will be a moment when i think; ‘Woah, i could totally be using this chocolate to make inspiring art.’ But don’t worry, by the time the chorus of Shake it Off comes along, I will have totally forgotten that chocolates anything but your thighs best friend.



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