Manatee’s and BELUGA whales for the win

So lets all agree, the american men’s olympic swimming teams god some ripped HOTTIES on it.

Helloooooo Ryan Lochte

I’d lick that.

And I’m not even that into ripped dude. I mean my favorite men are those sort of skinny jean wearing poetry writing vegans, but I will totally APPRECIATE the fact that his stomach looks like tanned and toned Tetris blocks.

Oh Hey… yeah, sorry… that pool, it’s filled with my drool.

Also some times he wears super cute speedoes: (i used to wear speedoes, I NEVER looked like that) (also last time I wore one I was 14)

but these ribbed and handosme (nipple self tweaking men) are not my favorite things of the sea.


Let me introduce to you:

so cute Awesome

But my favorite things of the sea are most definitely this Beluga Whale dancing to a mariachi band. (granted it shits like half way though this, but thats because it’s like so excited. sometimes I  almost poo myself with excitement so I totally understand why this Beluga Whale did.



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