Character counts… Unless your gay

Unless of course that character is a gay character, in which case you don’t count much at all. Thank you Boy Scouts of America.

However the people whose character truly does support the ideals of strong values and strong leadership can be found through this wildly heartbreaking tumblr, which makes me proud.  EAGLEBADGES

Also the boy scouts totally kicked me out when I was about 12 along with my jewish friend as we did not ‘fit in’ with the rest of the christian members and the scout leader though it was hard for us to understand the principles of the group given that we were not of the correct faith. so yeah. fuck em.

Unless the outside you’re talking about is the outside of a closet, in which case get back inside.

Anyway all of this rage at them has been building up for me the last few days as I drive past this GIANT character counts billboard on my way to work. It’s not this billboard mind you, but each time I try to take a photo of it, whilst driving late to work I nearly careen off the road as I’m not that good at multi-tasking whilst driving, (plus i spend a lot of time working on my karaoke voice these days, singing along to Cher and that takes up a good 96 percent of my available brain capacity anyway.) so must of the photos of it are actually like yellow blurs with giant semi-trucks awkwardly close in the foreground. So yeah, this other Detroit billboard will just have to serve as  filler for the object of my rage.

Whatever, these gay lions are fierce.

gay lions

Simba’s full of pride.


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