I have a reason to live again.

So last night my friend Kate and I went to see what is arguably the best dance/corporate protest film of all time. Clearly I am talking about Step Up 4: revolution IN 3D.

One day i to am going to learn to sissy bounce

In case you are not aware step up 4 is the 4th step up film, the second in 3D, and the first in my heart. well at least it’s tied for first with step up 2 the streets.

I’ve been waiting like at least most of my life for this movie. Something about this franchises super simple plots and awesome choreography make my heart sings, its like an expensive 2 hour music video with some really top notch appalling acting thrown in. Much of which can be experience in this trailer:

But what they don’t show in this trailer is the incredible contemporary dance pieces. They are STUNNING, particularly this one in a modern art museum which had me actually gasping in my seat.

So as I watched the film. i came to the realization, i have nothing to fixate on and live for anymore… the step up films are my crack, and having finished the film all i am doing is going through like endless withdrawal. Like i can clearly go see it a half dozen times more in cinema, but if I don’t have a mass produced cultural junk food film to fixate on, i’m like a balloon lost in the wind.


and considering I hate  a cappella, because why the fuck would you not just use an instrument, i am really amazed that I am so into this new film. this is potentially because I love Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson (talk about a power name) So yeah, Like thank god, Because now when I fall asleep I can now as i go to bed, that the morning will bring me one day closer to being first in line to see this fucking fierce film.


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