Hot Olympians make up for the Olympics

SO… I’ve spent like months talking to practically any one who would listen about how much the Olympics totally BLOW. Especially having been living in London, and having had all my shit totally shat on by corporate sponsors, travel delays and unnecessary superficial alterations to a city that could have totally used some massive cash influxes to their declining and yet awesome heath care system and arts fundings.

But what I SHOULD have been concentrating on is HOW HAWT all the athletes are and how into all their backstories I am. If reality television was half as captivating as this I would be so addicted.

Human Dream Boat

LIKE HELLO Nathan Adrian, you’re just lovelier then cobbler.

Smilez like a boss

Every time the central line was totally FUCKED, or the northern Line was all sorts of going nowhere via Bank, I should have been concentrating on how many Hawt men were going to be all up in my digital screnes. Why the tube managers did not just show me photos of Nathan Adrian or openly gay, totally awesome Matthew Mitcham was really a mistake on their part.

You are the reason grindr crashed

And this man, John Orozco I mean, not only is he totally adorable, (though someone please shave that mustache.) but He has a heart of SOLID gold and it breaks my heart that you totally blew on that pommel horse, though I mean really, i don’t think i would even know how to mount that.


AND besides for hot men and lovely people, there has been some awesome protest art. (I mean after step up 4 I could have been done with more dance, but i’m loving these.)

like evil fruitloops.

SO sorry i have been shitting on you SO MUCH Olympics, I mean i still think your kind of totally shit and useless, but i’ve been enjoying watching the men be hot, and the women be inspiring and the art be FIERCE.


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