Upstate NY: home of the tanning salon/bookstore combo.


Bookstores are like crack shops for the mind.


But driving past this on my way to work I’m amazed by two things. One that they feel the need to quantify their books as ‘real’, which lets be honest, is understandable. If I had a penny for every time I’v been duped in a store to buying a fake book I could make this:

A pretty penny made from pennies of varying dirtiness

But not this:


I’ve included both pictures to give you a sense of perspective about where i think my talents in penny art lay.

My issues with fake books stems from the fact that I often defy culture wisdom and judge a book by its cover. Which really is stupid of me, as we all know how many fake books are out there and I should at least open the first few pages to ensure that the book is not actually empty or a novel from the Twilight series masquerading as a real book.

The second thing that always strikes me is the idea that book store is in back because it’s slutty and shameful. So you pretend you’re going to get a tan, you park your car, you strut over like the muscle bound GTL loving man or woman you are and then QUICKLY you run to the book store in the back so you can buy some Jane Austen when no bodies looking. Because even if we learned nothing else in middle school we all learned that reading or being intelligent is awful and will destroy your social life.



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