Gay Disney Musical gave me goosebumps and made me cry twice.

SWOON SWOON ENDLESS SWOON (especially the first one, I would so want to be friends with that seriously fierce power couple. LIKE hello they undoubtedly throw the best KIKI’s.)


lets get us some gayness all up in here

DISNEY gave me really awkward opinions on love, and I spent a good deal of my childhood rather confused because I both wanted to be and wanted Aladdin, (I also wanted a flying carpet, a genie and a pet monkey, but like everyone wants that)

And now i’m all grown up and I think The BEAUTY AND THE BEAST had an awkwardly lasting impact on my life as I’m almost debilitatingly attracted to men who remind me of Gaston, (muscly hunk next door type) Beast (a typical otter/bear combo) and Lumier (sensitive painter type) all while trying to read as much as possible and hang out with kitchen cutlery.

But then this came along and replaced 25 years of disney confused sexual desire with a pop medley and some bitchen outfits.

Thank you Todrick hall and the cast and crew of CinderFella.

And yeah I cried, TWICE. No i’m not embarrased. Yes I should be working. YES i’m watching this on repeat. And thanks to my friend kate who made my week sending this to me. You are totally my gender queer Fairy godmother.


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