Gardening to Beyonce and Shakira

I nearly killed myself this morning as the Mini Gay DJ who lives in my Ipod decided to regale me with a serious Beyonce Shakira Power medley. FIRST up was UPGRADE you, followed by Shakira killing it so hard with the spanish language version of She-Wolf which totally does not blow in spanish, followed by their often forgot hip thrusting duet, Beautiful Liar, which is good, but would be so much better if it was about an instrument.

Essentially, weeding around rosebushes on a steep incline above a road, whilst trying to bend and snap slash booty shake is not a fool proof plan, as the car that thankfully stopped short of running into me and my mini shorts would undoubtedly attest to.

So yeah, i’m taking a break from gardening and evaluating my life. Is it possible that gay tunes may be out to get me?


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