because gay marriage is more confusing then the bible

I totally get where these people are coming from. Growing up with two daddies or two mommies must be really confusing.

But that’s why i’m so thrilled I have the bible to help me understand right from wrong. So who cares if your mother turned around and was turned to table salt, at least you had a mother. AND really does it not make sense to get your father drunk and rape him in order to ensure that his incestuous lineage can carry on? Of course that makes sense. Because thats what families do. They look out for eachother. Sure from time to time your dad may offer you up to be raped by your neighbors but that’s because you have Guests over, and it’s not civil to let the townies rape those angels from out of town.

Which is why its logical that god would kill a bunch of black birds to show displeasure at don’t ask don’t tell being revoked.

Cindy Jacobs you terrify me.


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