Shakespeare KILLS it again


Did you know that my home girl shakespeare invented the word D.R.A.G. Yeah thats right bitches it stands for: “Dressed as a girl”. Or so the people on RUPAL season two said.



Which turns out to probs not be true. I mean it may have stood for “dressed as a girl” but if thats the case the acronym did not turn up till the early 19th century. So you know, it’s a little after Queen Shake Dat Spears time. But like  whatever, the man totally invented the world majestic. AND THAT WORDS FIERCE.

(He also invented puking…. ew…)

As a note drag, as in like ‘I’m a gonna drag this drunk mother fucker to the couch and throw his ass into the recovery position’ has the worlds most boring etymology and probably comes from the mid-low german word Draggen, to dredge. (though Draggen is dangerously close to DRAGON. so perhaps all early dragons were cross dresser.)

But whats more important, than dare I say it, Drag Queens, Is funny Shakespeare Meme’s.

Sucks to not get watered right?



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