Happy 1st birthday death of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a year old. HAPPY FIRST BIRTHDAY. here are some awesomely adorable queer service men being all loved up and getting married, or just being all hot and gay together, or coming out to their parents. (anyway it was really hard to actually find any images that were not just like CRAZY gay army porn, as gay and army reveal like 80 BILLION  websites and videos, but very few of them are like love images, its mainly but sex.)

Fiercest wedding guest EVER 

GO girls

Talk about qualitaaaa back alignment


Either an angel watching over this, or there is a stuffed bird top left, either way AWESOME

look they can spell dick

tres adorbs

this is not actually porn, they are actually in love. HOT

I love holding hands almost as much as these two do

yeah but i totally shoot gay

And who could forget this cutie, who know teaches youtube videos on how to get RIPPED and shows of his rockin hot bod.


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