watching your idol die and LOVING IT

I’m a one diva man, and Beyonce your day im sad to say is OVER. Hey Solange. I LOVE YOU.

ok yeah, so its not that great of a screen capture, but i aint no profesh camera man, what I am, is a man in love. I mean HOLY GOD I LOVE EVERY OUTFIT IN THIS VIDEO, from this brick jacket to the KILLER orange power outfit.


I don’t even mind the staple OH ME AND MY FRIENDS SO CRAZY WE JUMP INTO POOLS IN OUR CLOTHES section of this video. i mean really people, that just means your going to be damp all day. and DID YOU REMEMBER TO TAKE YOUR IPHONE out of your pocket or your wallet. probs not. SWIMMING IN CLOTHES IS NOT PRACTICAL. take them off, go nude, thats not even crazy. crazy is jumping in the pool in a knights outfit and pretending your a deep sea diver. or something. the point is, the important point is, i even liked the scene where her friends jumped in the water with her.

but besides for the outfit and the vintage flair, and the fantastic styling, i loved her endearing and vulnerable side. way to work being human.

so yeah SOLANGE I just want you to Knowles the only thing I’m losing tonight is love for your big sister.




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