SLOVENIA and unrelated boxing cats.

So thanks to the Culture trip I spent a while inundating myself with Slovenian art, which IS AWESOME.

Here is the article I wrote for them on it.

and here is an unrelated picture of cats boxing as salt and pepper shakers. Which is also AWESOME, but in a different way.


Britney is back so hard

Dear Britney,

Hey, remember the last like 5 years of your career where you did things like this:


Because I remember those days. I remember them fondly. Because I spent a lot of time making fun of you. some times out loud but mainly in my head. I mean you were one more messy public break down away from self sacrifice on the alter of popular culture, and though whilst it is perhaps sad that deep down inside i feel that i am part of some vicious machine which produced your inflated star image only so we could greedily consume your soul whilst your writhed in the public spotlight.

Britney I am sorry. Because you are back so hard in this new video, and so YES you only have like three lines, and true two of those are you just saying your name, and yeah the song totally blows, BUT YOU MOTHER FUCKING JOAN CRAWFORD A DISCO BALL WITH AN AXE. you will forever be a hero to me for that moment alone. it was like watching you embody some sort of mythic queer warrior slaying an over pop saturated gay culture represented as the disco ball, and through its shattering you have returned us to a primal state of unashamed faggotry, ALL WHILST appropriating the concept of bitch, because when you sing i’m not sure there is a comma between Britney and bitch. is it: BRITNEY. BITCH. or Britney, bitch or Britney bitch. or even Brittany bitch? DOES IT MATTER. no. no it does not.

so yeah gurl, way to kill it. and Wil.I.AM i’m sorry you still suck and this song blows, and no I will never think in the club when this song comes on OH i hope they turn it up, because i shall be too busy choosing the 3 minutes of your song life as the correct time to piss.


Over the past 24 hours, the online gaming community has taken to Twitter to hash(tag) out their thoughts on gender discrimination, inequality and online sexual harassment within the gaming world. It started when a Twitter user asked, “Why aren’t there more female game creators?” In response, dozens of women have shared their own stories of sexism and marginalization in the game industry.

Collated under the hashtag #1reasonwhy, women who work or play in the gaming world, along with some of their male allies, talked openly about the rampant sexism that exists online in 2012. The results are depressing, not just because of the apparent discrimination and harassment female gamers have faced online but because of the sheer volume of tweets on the issue.

(MOREAll-TIME 100 Video Games )

They make for a sobering read. Echoes of sexism, misogyny and marginalization came not only from gamers, but…

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title sort of says it all.

the below is also classy, and how it did not exist at St. Andrews is beyond me.

I mean i went to there so i could live in europe and take a train from kings cross to school and wear robes. I WISH I WAS KIDDING, but i genuinely made a major life decision on the hopes that i might end up with a degree in MAGIC (film was a close second best)

Perhaps I should be more logical, but i still mutter spells like Alohomora some times when i’m swiping my oyster card, AND NO i have not as of yet, placed the oyster card in a wand, but if i do that. WHAT WILL I HAVE TO LIVE FOR?

‘the wall’ is one to watch

Here is my review for the newly released THE WALL, which is simply sensational, dark and ever so moody.

I know a film with purls and a pooch hardly looks like a meditative drama, but trust me, appearances are often deceiving. If you need proof of my aforementioned platitude just look at Joan Crawford, She looks nice and lovely, but she was CRAZY!

So crazy