CLOUD ATLAS soundtrack

SO CLOUD ATLAS is maybe the best film ever, and considering that an entire sixth of the novel is dedicated to the writing of an impossibly beautiful score, I was rather afraid that the film would fail to deliver in this, (if not it all aspects), for how does one simply achieve that almost insurmountable task of writing a score that transcends experience and unpicks reality. WELL turns out Tykwer, Klimek and Heil DELIVER

It’s been a week since I saw the film but listening to ALL BOUNDARIES ARE CONVENTIONS this morning whilst reading a disturbing text: [ ]

I was instantly transported away from this tarnished world to a land I’ve only ever glimpsed in dreams.

Here is a preview of the soundtrack, it like gets going and then cuts off, and leaves you SCREAMING for more, so I think the only real solution is to go buy it right now if it even piques your interest, as I am sure it shall.



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