Rain Room

For those who have not, TOTALLY go check out the rain room at the barbican, I KNOW, the idea of an art instillation that stimulates precipitation in London seems absurd, go out side any day of the week and your likely to have experienced the same thing, minus of course the two hour queue to get in. But re-situating Mother Nature inside a gallery space, returns one to a child like state of wonder where playing with droplets of water was more then fun, it was intoxicating.

Granted the instillation works on the IDEA that thanks to sensors, as you wander around the space the rain stop above you allowing you to part the deluge and move about freely and dryly. It does not entirely work. I for one, given my desire to dance amongst droplets emerged from the barbican as if I had just been doing a one man version of the ending of four weddings and a funeral. But at its heart random internationals instillation was giddy and delightful.

Also it helps to go with lovely people, thanks Emily and Nati, for being infectiously playful.



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