Come on roll that d20

A continuation of the story I began early this week about breakups and DnD. It has been therapeutic to write, and share, and through that process to learn to relax and let stories have their space, to give them the freedom to be that delicious mingling of truth and fact, fiction and desire. To give words breath.


And so he found himself single once more… and playing lots of DnD


(My tears were totally this moody and well staged)

Several months ago my partner and I broke up. It was sort of terrible for me, but necessary for both of us I imagine. Either way, Holy goddess how I have cried, and to those who have been standins for tissues and have let me weep on their bodies and cover their sweaters in that fine filmy mixture of salt tears and snot, thank you. Especially my cousin Sam who has been an AMAZING help and voice through this time. ANYWAY, its been enough time that i’ve become sort of okish about talking about it. As part of the process of reclaiming my own identity, and not just crying all the time I have taken to writing about my FEELINGS. Most of which i will never share with any one, as its the stuff bad poetry is made of. You know, tear stained pages, bleeding black ink around strong nouns and verbs found in Taylor Swift songs.

BUT i did write about how break ups are like level ups, because I’m geeky, and I’ll totally share that with you.