Through The Eyes of a Performer

Really all reviews are exceptionally subjective, but given that I am in this piece that I am reviewing here I have to say that this is perhaps the least objective review I have ever written in my entire life.



Lewks on the Dance Floor 

So here is the next installment in my mission to write like a thousand entries about what it was like to dance in Ballet (New York)  with Jerome Bel.

Check out my latest review here on Eyes Towards The Dove. 


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Dancing in Ballet (New York)



Sometimes you get to be a Mother Fucking Ballet dance because you live in New York, and dreams have a way of comming true here. Dancing in Jerome Bel’s ballet was probably the closest I will come to living the real life Chaning Tatum Step Up 1 role. You know. Just a street dancer who makes it as a big time Ballerina. Or in my case, just your average faggot who likes clubbing who made it as a ballet dancer in a singular piece that was slated by the times.

BUT whatever. It’s all about perspective.

And my perspective was that this experience was sensational. Read about it here on Perfoma.


Lewks on the Dance Floor

Thank you Charles, Marc, Shelia, Julia, Performa, the dancers, any one I am forgetting and of course Jerome Bel.