Aliens, Oceans and Depression


I’m gonna be honest with you, if aliens exist I am exceptionally mad at them. I mean I guess it’s important to be specific. The aliens I am talking about here are not the weird flesh eating stomach ripping creature of gore, nor are they creatures of the fungal family which periodically some delightful hippy likes to tell me are sentient consciousness brought to earth to teach us by the divine. (Personally I’m really into that idea, and I love the idea that mushrooms are really bizarre mind-altering creatures we can be in dialogue with.)

I’m mad at those aliens that people periodically say came to the Earth some time in the past and did things like help us build the pyramids before fucking off somewhere into the stars again, to, I guess, build more geometric shapes in deserts, simply because they can. I’m mad at them because as far as I can tell, we need a massive Deus Ex Machina moment if we are to salvage human existence on this planet and if they have come and helped us out once before, you think they could come back and help us again.

We need aliens with weird alien tech that can do things like purify the air, and cleans the waters of the ocean, that can replace our poor inefficient oil based tech with some form of brilliant solar paneled mech that can charge off a single afternoon spent basking in the sun.

We need it, because as far as I can tell, with out it we are doomed. People are very bad at being people, and our collective failure as people is quickly writing the death of, if not our species, at least most of our way of life. Its amazing how quickly knowledge can be erased, how quickly learning can be lost. trust me, Humans may be around for hundreds of years more, but will their humanity look anything like ours?

I really hope not.

Perhaps I have become obsessed with this question as of late, but if I have been, it is because I am depressed and I am not sure how to reason my way out of it. In fact this action here is an attempt to release myself of my own depression by giving name and logical form to my anguish. Not with the intention that some how my depression will disappear, but with the hope that in naming it, it will become more quantifiable, more known and thus I can better relate to it.

anyway, back to the discussion about the END OF DAYS!

You know, THE DOOM TIME. I mean sure this has been a popular topic for most of human existence, the impending apocalypse. But their seems to be a tangible difference between the old religious apocalypse where Jesus comes back and battles Satan for the souls of the dammed, and the Apocalypse which looks like five pacific islands sliding into the sea. Five this week, a few the week after, 93% of the Great Barrier Reef bleached. Oil spills all over the place.

It’s realities like this that make me confused as I look at the development infrastructure of the FIDI and laugh with nihilistic delight as I realize their preventative measure for global warming is a wall to keep the sea out.

A wall.

To stop the sea.

From ruining their luxury property development.

It’s not going to be the water levels that cause the biggest problems. It will be the numerous global refugees that the world will largely chose to ignore, (because we already do) forced into unsanitary living conditions as tent cities spring up to try and compensate from the numerous displaced people.

But these under nourished and probably under hydrated, (for let us be clear a lack of food and water resources will be a large issue for these displaced people.) people will become the true tide of destruction, for we will probably try to ignore them for as long as we can globally, until inevitable close quarters, lack of medical attention and basic standard of living and access to food and water, breed the true killers of humanity, super diseases resistant to contemporary medicines.

and thats when all the wealthy people behind their water walls in the FIDI should begin to become nervous. For diseases don’t care who you are, and while money certainly can help you stay alive, will they cure the disease fast enough to save you.

Probably not.

Wait wait… Let’s lighten the mood for a moment.

I forgot a joke I just heard. Want to hear it… It’s also about real estate. Of course you do… Stop me if you’ve heard this one.

A handful of buildings in New York have installed radiant heat in the Sidewalks outside of their buildings so that the snow melts in the winter! This way the snow falls from the sky, hits the nicely warmed concrete and presto it melts away. Amazing! what a joy! no more shoveling. But the problem is HOMELESS PEOPLE are apparently trying to sleep on the heated concrete during those cold winter nights.

And the problem is, when you pay millions of dollars to live in an apartment building with heated sidewalks you do it for the view, you do it for the bragging rights, you do it so you can wear stilettos in the dead of winter. You don’t do it to look at homeless people. Their are other bits of sidewalk which are not your sidewalk, and people can sleep their.

Poor people without homes trying to sleep on your patch of CONCRETE. HOW HILARIOUS. Poor people trying to have less than their basic needs met. People thinking they deserve to be treated like people. JOKES!!!!

Wake the fuck up.

How is it possible that the people who live in buildings that have enough excess capital, (not to mention disregard for environmental sustainability,) are not horrified by their own lack of humanity? How is it that we have found ourselves in a position globally where some people pay to have their sidewalks warmed so they don’t have to shovel them, while others are kicked off sleeping on that very sidewalk? BECAUSE THIS WARM SIDEWALK IS NOT FOR THEM, AND THEY RUIN THE VISUAL AESTHETIC WITH THEIR POORNESS.

Honestly how do these people sleep inside these buildings. Are they not disgusted with themselves?

Sorry… I think I said this was a joke, but really the joke here is more about how fabulously out of touch with societal needs the wealthy are. (well all of us really) 

Perhaps if alongside side their warm sidewalks they build some more walls to keep the tides of the globally oppressed at bay they would be a little bit safer.

Or maybe we all need to get louder. Or maybe we need to riot. I think we need to riot.

I’d rather like to riot. But rather then choose a singular cause to riot about, I just want to riot the whole system down.

Because honestly what are we excelling at as a global unit. (And DUH, strides have been made in many of these fields which have made the world a more pleasant place then lets say anything between 1200-1800 AD, but better than it was for some, and still shitty for most is not acceptable.)

education………………..……………… no

environmental protection……………… no

race………………………………….…… no

gender……………………………….…… not really

resource management…………………. HA

I mean netflix has really been slaying it with some exceptional programming the last few years. and I have to say I am pretty thrilled with some of the strains of pot I have recently smoked, It’s not all TERRIBLE, but to pretend it is anything short of globally catastrophic is just lying.

Please stop lying.

Because your lies are just killing us faster.

What is the point of human existence?

Theoretically, and as far as I can conceptualize it, it should be to leave the world a better place for those who come after us. To work towards creating and developing systems that can hold those who come after us and empower them to think better thoughts than we ever could. to achieve things we can hardly imagine, to build worlds that defy our thoughts of what is probable.

and maybe hug a bunch of people along the way.

Perhaps create some art

Share some stories.

Sleep under the stars and love the heavens.

And it seems that for a long time, far to few of us have been doing that.

But I know we’re not all deeply out of touch. We humans are creatures of the earth all the same and the poison and pain that ruins in her veins runs in ours as well.

That creeping depression that i’m watching slide up the spines and behind the eyes of my lovers and friends is the undeniable honesty of a system long teetering on the brink of devastation beginning to slip slide away into the inevitable realm of perpetual chaos. You can feel it all as much as I can. I know you do. We have been taught to not trust our gut and our instincts by the very system that enslaves us, for being critically aware is to step out of the system and recognize it as utterly catastrophic.

Hold your children tight now because they probably don’t have that cute of a future to grow into.

And I’m sorry about that. I really am. But it’s not my fault. and it’s not yours. and honestly its not even the fault of our ancestors.

Humans are relatively speaking not particularly brilliant when it comes to thinking in terms of temporality beyond their immediate future. (Myself included) we make stupid choices for today with out really interrogating the reality of tomorrow. and it’s landed us in this odd position where the tomorrows of tomorrow are becoming progressively darker and its becoming progressively harder to maintain a positive attitude.

Unless of course these aliens come and save us.


Because at this point I think without their help we have utterly fucked our selves.


Yeah… I think thats probably right… With out the intervention of a god like action, be it religious, extra-terrestrial or born from spark of human ingenuity we are fucked..

some large scale system change.


who knows, maybe we can all wake up on the right side of the bed tomorrow…..

Or maybe we can all just wake up and be authentically depressed. and look in the mirror and say “this world is fucked and dying and still I’m gonna try to save it. To bring a few more laughs into it. or maybe just some love.”

I don’t know… I just don’t know. But some aliens coming and saving us would be pretty cool. So for know, I’m gonna pray for that.