Good Old Kaine

Tim Kaine sent this weird fucking email and he asked me, ‘I hope I made you proud, Shelton’ I mean, it was a form email because I get all these silly presidential E-mails, but its brevity, and use of my name, made me for a moment think he sent it to me, and so I actually began considering, did he make me ‘proud’?

 I felt really awkward getting it, like I’m Tim Kaine’s dad and he wanted to make sure I thought he  was doing great out their on the T-Ball pitch.

Part of me is irritated that he did not lay into Pence about his LGBT track record, but I’m going to table that irritation because focusing on it is not useful to me at the moment. Additionally an hour and a half is a remarkably small running time and not ever issue can be addressed. While its omission is glaring, I think it was probably accidental getting how he attacked Pence about abortion. To me Kaine was on a mission to defeat Trump and Pence was the proxy. That strategy while interesting was not as valuable as landing attacks against Pence, as it allowed him to appear virtuous when he is in fact also oppressive.  These were both oversights on Kaine’s part.

But anyway… to answer his question, sure. I’m proud of Tim Kaine. I think he FUCKING won that debate like a pit bull running intellectual circles around Mike Pence.  sure Kaine also failed in that he was underprepared for the media attention aspect of the ‘performance’. Pence copied trump in making obscene gestures and allowing those to speak as his embodied rebukes rather than directly answering a question. He appeared even to have  better makeup and hair dye, as well as remember to look into the camera which was distractingly placed to far off their eyeline.  He certainly aced his pacing as well allowing his slow wording to appear as composure rather than a lack of knowing how to answer the questions. I was utterly impressed by his debate performance but not from a place of respect but of fear as to how deftly he appears to wield media. The right amount of showing that he felt attacked also helped soften him. And he’s a bigoted man who tries to deny people access to basic rights so you know, seeing him play the poor human card was insulting. 

Pence was not actually a better debater he was more nuanced in a televised performance. Exhibiting the same skill Trump has only delivered with a more rational and seemingly aware demeanor. But back to Kaine, sure he was overly prepared but I loved his raw display of knowledge and his bullet pointing. I LOVE BULLET POINTING. Don’t get me wrong, I love mind map, but a goverment that runs on bullet points seems a bit boring, much like what I want my goverment to be. much like i wish global politics were, boring because we’re all busy getting along and respecting each other through beneficial practices designed to promote global stability and management of resources.  

 And the interruptions yasssss Kaine. That’s exactly what I have wanted to do to Trump for a season call him out repeatedly and watch if he squirmed. You had a look of hunger in your eyes Tim Kaine and I loved it almost as much as I love those photos of you as a missionary. I felt Kaine was expressing a bit of my social rage at having to endure Trumps bigoted statements media broadcast after broadcasts. His repeated calling out of Pence to defend Trump and Pences inability to do so should have cost him the night.

Then their were the reads. Like ‘5th grade civics class’ which he could seemingly not bite back.  I Loved that moment. sure, their are issues and policy questions. But Kaine. I liked your style.

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