despicable me 2… I want to be father right about now…

I CAN’t wait to have kids and take them to the cinema. there was this like 3 year old girl who legitimately thought she was popping the 3d bubbles in the film. Like she kept jumping out of her seat and smacking the air and it was just like HELLLO SOMEONE GIVE ME A BABY. i mean please first some one give me a high paying job in the arts with decent to almost absurdly good holiday time and an expense account, and let me do that for 5-7 years, amass some wealth, get married, find a couple of lesbians who want to queer co-parent in a fabulous brown stone in nyc. AND THEN i’m going to be so broody my beds going to be a nest.



Interviewing THIS IS WHAT I WANT ARTIST – Mica

Mica being the san fran based performance artist, not Mika, who sang about wanting to be like grace kelly. Granted maybe this Mica want to be like Grace Kelly as well, it’s just that I never asked. Perhaps If i ever meet him again I shall. Not that we even met mind you. OH the powers of the digital age to share a screen with a man for but a few moments and you feel like you know them. I mean we let each other into one another’s computers, became a face beaming back where normally a dull news feed and work stares out at us with vacant and non-discript tahoma shaped eyes. My computer is such an intimate space, a world folded around the contours of my own desire. My computer know my loves, and my wants, and my confessions, it is a social sanctuary, an extension of my mind, way to hot for my lap becasue i’ve not had the fan cleaned in ages…. anyway, it feels late…You know I would Like to be like grace kelly, like be a princess, not die tragically before my time in a car crash. I WOULD ALSO KILL for her bone structure. gurl turns it out.

just cuz