Mykki Blanco dance on my soul

Oh Dear Lady Goddess Help me get caught in a rad bromance with this man, Mykki Blanco

I’m all sorts of adoring the costumes the wigs, the body positive images.

Thanks to my friend Legacy for flaring this one up in my global consciousness, but also Like I HAD THINGS to do today, and now i’m just stumbling through his back catalogue of videos, like that drunk guy in the super market that time, so Legacy I blame you.

Yeah imagine me in a digital space and thats what i’m looking like this fri friday.



Burning Man article finally done and well dusted.

ok, so here is the actual article I just finished on Burning Man, which I do think does less of a good job of summing it up then a picture of a semi circle of people, half worshiping the destruction of an effigy of the man does.

ANYWAY, here is an awesome burning man time Lapse.

i’ve never wanted to eat a car but…

I mean normally when I see a car i think two things about it, Does it have heated seats and is there an almost absurd amount of cup holders, because lord knows I may end up on some trans-national drive and need 4 of them in my immediate vicinity.

but now! thanks to the wonders of bread, (though not wonder bread, which is, lets get this straight, barely even bread in the first place.)

perhaps its called wonder bread, because one must wonder if it is bread.


But now, thanks to this, I am going to begin asking myself a third question, If this car was a food, would I eat it?

The answer is most likely always going to be Yes.